"Lost" Trinket/break up bowl - Heart

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Trinket/break up bowl


This cute little tray is made in a Petri Dish style, each of these made in this style is different. Though colorways can be recreated, no two petri style trays or bowl are the same.


Great for trinkets, rings, herbs to roll, or pretty much anything. 


This is not meant to be eaten out of. 

The trays pictured are the available trays, you will receive the tray pictured. 

3" x 3"



All of our Resin items are handmade, and each one is different in it's own way. 


You may notice small bubbles in your piece, some of these bubbles are within the piece and create an inclusion like appearance, others are on the outside of the piece and may appear at the edges of trays or dishes as missing pieces. None of our items offered for sale have bubbles that will hinder the usage of the product.